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Meet the CTC Staff

Meet the people who make CTC’s charity work in Africa possible, in the communities in Kenya and in our home offices in Austin, Texas.

Let Us Introduce...

Zane Wilemon
Founder / Executive Director

Back in 2000, Zane was introduced to Maai Mahiu, where he experienced a level of poverty and desperation he had never known. Since his first visit, Zane has been returning to Kenya, listening to stories from the community, addressing problems, and promoting fundamental human rights. With the help of a lot of amazing people, CTC was born and has been creating sustainable change in Maai Mahiu for the last 11 years.

Jeremiah Kuria
Kenya Director

Jeremiah is responsible for introducing Zane to the community of Maai Mahiu, and their friendship and collaboration resulted in the creation of CTC International. After earning his master's degree in the U.S., Jeremiah returned to Kenya to serve as our Kenya Director, where he now oversees all initiatives, programs, and personnel working on the ground in Maai Mahiu.

Shannon Owen
US Director

Native Austinite Shannon Owen studied at the University of Texas going onto Acton Business School. She has a passion for International Relations, which she has implemented in her work abroad, as well as within the Austin community. Before joining in February 2013, Shannon connected with CTC though her involvement with the Whole Planet Foundation. As U.S. Director, Shannon is working as "The Coach" for the Stateside office.

Charles Wachira
Assistant Director

Charles started working as a volunteer for CTC over 5 years ago. He worked as the liaison between CTC and its volunteers, while going to school and completing his Master's in Development Studies. He then graduated to Program Director for our rapidly growing HIV/AIDS program, overseeing our clinic, outreach programs, support groups, and income-generating activities. Currently, Charles serves as Assistant Director where he focuses on program development, partnerships, and monitoring and evaluating our programs in Kenya.


Rocky Muuri
Environmental Coordinator

From the moment you meet Rocky, his overwhelming desire to care for our earth is undeniable. Rocky began working with CTC as a volunteer and served as the spokesperson for the community's environmental needs. He currently manages several demonstration gardens, a tree nursery, and he educates the community, young and old, on sustainable agriculture.

Cali Huffman
Creative Director

Joining the team in January 2010, Cali helped with the rebrand of CTC International. She led a team of artists in 2011 to work with Maai Mahiu youth on income generating art projects and most recently traveled to Kenya for L.I.F.E. Line product development. As creative director, Cali manages CTC's brands and leads the marketing and product development efforts.


Liz Josiah
Malaika Mums Coordinator

After graduating from Maai Mahiu Polytechnic School, Liz joined CTC in 2008 to teach the Malaika Mums how to sew. She now coordinates LIFE Line production in Kenya by overseeing training, production, and quality control of all LIFE Line products.

Susan, Josephine, Esther, Esther, Esther, Zipporah, Grace, Florence, Jihan, Mercy, Susan, Alice, Margaret, Joyce, Jane, Beatrice, Jane, Teresiah, Peninah, Margaret, Hannah, Miriam, Teresiah, Zipporah, Monica, Anne, Emily
Malaika Mums

Our Malaika Mums are the amazing group of women that produce CTC's L.I.F.E. Line of handmade and environmentally conscious products. The L.I.F.E. Line provides an income for the Mums and their families and supports the education of special needs children in our Malaika Kids program. There are 27 Mum's in the program, most of them pictured here.


Mama Peter, Cucu Jane, Jane, Margaret & Miriam
Malaika Kids Caretakers

Our Malaika Kids, a group of special needs children in the community, are taken care of by this wonderful group of women. They have been trained to oversee physical therapy, education fundamentals, and childhood development. 

Faith Kuria
Kenya Office Manager

Originally from Nairobi, Faith joined our Kenya staff in the summer of 2010, assisting with finances. In Fall 2012, Faith graduated from the Kenya School of Management with a degree in Human Resource Management, which she now uses to manage the CTC Kenya office, and doing whatever it takes to make sure all of our programs are running smoothly.

Damon Hartye
Development Coordinator

After interning with such distinguished non-profits as Livestrong, Nobelity Project, and Greenlights, Damon brought his non-profit expertise to CTC to assist with fundraising, event production, and general office operations. Damon spearheads CTC's development arm, leading our TRIBE program and communications strategy.

Martin Milimu
Occupational Therapist

Martin, a Western Kenya native, joined CTC International Kenya staff at the start of the second quarter in 2012. From Nairobi, Martin worked with the Autism Society of Kenya for 2 years. He is working closely with the Malaika Kids, the students of our special needs school, teaching new skills and techniques to improve their performance. Next time you visit Maai Mahiu, be sure to meet Martin as he's engaged as an Occupational Therapist in the Malaika Kids program.

Bernard Owino
Youth Coordinator

Owino joined CTC 5 years ago as a volunteer, and he committed himself to bringing positive activities to the youth of Maai Mahiu. He officially became an employee in 2010 to assist with the launch of our HIV/AIDS program, then transitioned to Youth Coordinator in 2011. He now oversees our Waste Management program (fully staffed by CTC youth) and facilitates trainings, extracurricular activities, and career preparation for youth in the community.

Brittany White
US Teams Coordinator

Brittany moved from Brooklyn to Austin in June 2013 and joined the CTC Team the very next day. She first visited Africa in 2007 and has had a heart for the people of Kenya ever since. After graduating from Belmont University in Nashville, TN with a music business degree she worked at a major music publisher in New York City - all the while traveling to Kenya at every opportunity. At CTC, Brittany happily oversees teams travelling to Maai Mahui as the US Teams Coordinator.

Marion Indiazi
Special Needs Education Teacher

In May 2014, Marion Indiazi joined CTC International from Nairobi after Graduating from Kenyatta University with a Bachelors Degree in Education (Special Education). She came on board to work with Malaika Kids on structured learning in order to help the kids explore their potentials and work towards reducing their levels of dependency.

Livingstone Lisutsa
Livestock Co-op Assistant Coordinator

Originally from Western Kenya, Livingstone joined CTC in November 2013. Having worked in one of the hotels in Maai Mahiu and proved to be the best in customer care services, Livingstone qualified to join the organization as the Livestock Co-op Assistant Coordinator. He is currently located in Maasai land center as we partner with the Brown's Cheese Company.

John Kinyua
Land Development

Heading land development, John joined CTC in January 2014. John is trained on agribusiness, having wealth of experience in various fields ranging from security, business, animal husbandry, manufacturing sector (yoghurt and mineral water production and sales). He is a strong believer in multitasking.

George Kamau
Land Development

Born in Central Kenya, John joined CTC in 2013 after working with Rift Valley Academy Kijabe. He is a qualified and experienced landscaper currently working on CTC land development.

Lucy Wachuka
Land Development

From Central Lucy joined CTC in 2013 assisting in land development and Café Ubuntu. Lucy previously worked in Kijabe Mission Hospital for a year. She is very dedicated to see CTC grow or develop.

Tabitha Njoroge
Café Ubuntu Barista

Tabitha is an intellectual self-esteemed young lady from Molo who previously worked with Molo Mount Water Company as the sales person and later worked with Naomi’s Village, an orphanage in Maai Mahiu. Tabitha is a jovial lady with a customer touch currently working with CTC as a Café Ubuntu Coordinator and a barista.

Lucy Mwangi
Café Ubuntu Barista

Lucy Mwangi joined CTC in September 2013 as a barista at Café Ubuntu. She specialized in Information Communication Technology having worked as a computer trainer and networking person previously in Central Province, Kenya. Lucy is very passionate in her new field as a Barista and customer service experience.

Ruth Mureithi
Teams Host/ Education Coordinator

Ruth a.k.a Ruby Ruth is CTC's team host and also our resident education and technology  expert. Ruth provides tech support for the Kenya office as well as Adult Literacy training in the local community. She also keeps the CTC family up to date with goings-on in Maai Mahiu through her prolific photos and updates on Facebook.

Felix Odhiambo
Security Team Leader
The towering 6'1" inch native of Busia County in Western Kenya, Felix spent the beginning of this career at Sairene Travel and Tour Operations College in Mombasa. While in Mombasa, he worked at Moi International Airport and received onsite training with ground handling and safety. Soon there after, Felix decided to change his career path due to his overwhelming interest in security, and relocated to Naivasha to broaden his experiences. He is very result-oriented and loves anything that causes adrenaline rush. At CTC, Felix is in charge of all security operations and personnel managing the organization.
Stephen Mwaura
Adult Literacy Coordinator

Before Stephen joined the CTC Kenya office in June 2012, Stephen worked for the East African Youth Parliament, Three Hands Worldwide Services and the National Rainbow Coalition, a Kenyan political party. He also has a Community Development & Adult Education undergraduate degree from the University of Nairobi. He is currently volunteering as a tutor within the Education Program, for Adult Literacy and Study Buddy classes (an after school program for high school students).



Teresiah Ngugi
Adult Literacy Program Manager

Teresiah is from Central Kenya and has a certification for Early Childhood Development Education. Teresiah has been volunteering for the Education Program since June 2012 as an Adult Literacy tutor, having worked for 3 years in the same field with the Kenyan government. Additionally, she also assists in teaching the Shooting Stars (Malaika Kids) as well as GAPA members. She empowers adults and out-of-school youth to enable themselves to become self-reliant, improve their livelihood and informed decision making.

Emily Wairimu
HTC Counselor

Emily is the HTC counselor at CTC's HIV Voluntary Counseling & Testing Center. She is in charge of community moblization and human rights education as well as the Grandparents Against Poverty and AIDS (GAPA) Project. 


Elvis Ndung'u
Financial Manager

Elvis is a Jomo Kenyatta University graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce Finance as his trained profession. He joined CTC in September 2012 as an intern in the finance department. Elvis is now Financial Manager and working on the internal control system and computerization of CTC's financial book-keeping system.

Eliud Kamau
Livestock Co-op Manager

Born in the Great Rift, Eliud is a graduate of Makerere University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. He currently heads the Livestock Co-op Project as we partner with Brown's Cheese Company. Eliud strongly believes that the greatest room in the world is the room for improvement.