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Coffee by Kenyans, for Kenyans

CTC is pioneering coffee culture in Kenya by reintroducing the local Kenyan community to coffee as we open Café UBUNTU in Maai Mahiu, Kenya.


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Café Ubuntu is the first ever bakery in Maai Mahiu, opening Fall 2013. This project has been generously funded by Whole Foods Market through Whole Foods Market Team Member Volunteer Program. In addition to providing financial support, these partners have sent several teams of volunteers to assist with construction and staff development. The café will not only be self-sustaining and create jobs, it will also offer modern bathroom accommodations and become a beacon for travelers and tourists, thereby improving the quality of life for the community.
Café Ubuntu will also be a much-needed health and nutrition resource center for the Rift Valley. Our menu will offer delicious crepes, espresso, and farm-to-table options catered to the local community and the roughly 1 million tourists who drive through Maai Mahiu each year. The café will be the only source of espresso outside of Nairobi en route to the Maasai Mara thanks to our partner Allegro Coffee, who will be providing the espresso machine & training. Café Ubuntu will also work in association with Brown’s Cheese, the largest local Kenyan cheese distributor, to boost business for local goat herders by providing milk for goat cheese. We will also hold income-generating supper clubs and provide education to the community about sustainable farming. This business that so many helped build will not only be a source of pride for CTC but for the entire community of Maai Mahiu!
Construction of this Café has truly been a team effort! Thank you to all those involved.
Breaking ground!
Three teams in 2012, comprised of team members from Whole Foods Market and Whole Planet Foundation, began construction of Café Ubuntu, Maai Mahiu's first bakery.
Handcrafted, brick by brick..
Big things coming!
Beginning the roofing process.
Photo by Larissa Downer
Café Ubuntu is done with construction and we're currently getting ready for the opening! More updates to come!
"New Partners! - A breath of Fresh Coffee at the Café Ubuntu!

Café Ubuntu is just what Maai Mahiu needed! The first ever of its kind in that area, the café will serve as a resource and information center for the Rift Valley, and will be self sustaining by creating a number of job. It is an entity on its own with modern bathroom facilities, and a great coffee time menu, that is on order basis at the moment. Let us not forget the most nourishing and mouth watering pizza that was served hot and straight from the oven!

With a high ceiling which gives the café a feel of being larger than life, the beverage menu painted on the wall and the little farm in the café's backyard, Café Ubuntu is a must stop for anyone heading out to the Maasai Mara, or for anyone looking to have a coffee in a complete unconventional setting! This, is a breath of FRESH COFFEE!"