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The Right to Education


In Maai Mahiu Kenya, this second week of June marks the beginning of a new journey with the Education Program.

Due to the strong desire of the community, our sustainable Adult Literacy Program is one of our most motivated endeavors today. After all, there are few things more beneficial than being able to quench the thirst for education that community members so strongly crave for.

Through this program, a positive impact will be felt among the illiterate groups in Maai Mahiu whom are being marginalized. This attitude will lead to a general sense of empowerment for the whole community by not only raising literacy levels, but also raising individual self-esteem. As a starting point, we already have 32 registered members, a majority of whom are women.


We envision an integrated approach including micro-financing, entrepreneurial skills, as well as gender and development awareness. By incorporating the partnership between local and international supporters, we hope to be able to include other core developmental aspects as well.

Our after-school program for high school youth, Study Buddy, has also been running strong. Students are now being taught how to use computers, an extra resource that they are not able to get from their schools.

As we further promote education in Maai Mahiu, be in the know by checking out our website for the latest progress on this great initiative and more!



Rebecca Daniel Mbuti,

Education Coordinator