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CTC Youth Artists



Announcing a new partnership with to print the artwork from the community team on a variety of products online. Exclusive sneak peak here
CTC works to create youth programs to get kids off the streets and into productive and positive environments. The Community team, our last team of the summer, launched a new program focused around learning and using art for income generating projects. The art workshops opened the doors for creative expression in a place with little to no opportunity. The students, age 15-20, focused on drawing, painting and sculpting.  While most students already had experience drawing (using charcoal found scattered about the town) most had never worked with color. Watching the excitement in a classroom of students learning to use and mix different colored paint for the first time was quite amazing, and felt as if it changed the way each student looked at the world.
   The community's excitement upon seeing the art work was amazing, and everyone came together and celebrated the students' success. You can look forward to seeing more artwork from the community team, as the students have formed an official CTC Art Club, and will meet throughout the year.
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